Space closure

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Space Closure

Dental bonding is one of the most common procedures used for Dental Space Closures or repairing minor imperfections such as stains and chips. This is generally performed on the anterior or front teeth. In addition to this, this method is also used to fill gaps between the teeth called diastemas. Space Closuresis the most effective method that brightens up your smile quickly and easily.

Our dental specialists make use of the most effective chemical compound to be applied to the tooth. This material is sculpted and shaped to fill in gaps or to cover the damaged areas. We carefully select the material that perfectly matches the natural color of your tooth.

Best dental treatment in vibhuti khand lucknow

The Space Closure techniques adopted by us are less time-consuming and less expensive than any other tooth restoration methods. Moreover, Porcelain veneers and crowns are also used sometimes as an alternative to close spaces between teeth. Whether you are searching for a reliable dental clinic for small space or large gap closures, we can help you with the perfect and cost-effective solution