Radio Visuography

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Best Dental clinic in gomti nagar extension

Features & Benefits

Colourful Bands And Retainers

The RVG 5100 System displays images in less than two seconds, greatly reducing wait time for you and your patients. A complete set of positioners helps make proper sensor placement faster. And, increased productivity means the system quickly pays for itself.

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Practical, Durable Design

The RVG 5100 System features a cable positioned on the back of the sensor for precise and effortless positioning-resulting in better images. Designed to resist shocks, bites and drops, all of our products are thoroughly tested to ensure durability and ease of use.

Enhance Patient Comfort

Rounded sensor corners and an ergonomic design help make positioning fast and easy while improving patient comfort -- the ideal conditions for obtaining high-quality images. And, RVG 5100 Sensors are available in two sizes: size 1 for standard examinations, and size 2, with 60% more active area for bitewings and other applications.

Easily Use and Integrate

The RVG 5100 System provides you with high-quality results while being exceptionally easy to use. Integration with our full suite of imaging software provides you with a full range of tools and options to further enhance your diagnostic abilities.