Best dental treatment in vibhuti khand lko


Best dental treatment in vibhuti khand lko

Dental Diagnostic Centre has recently introduced Mobile Dental Van which can deliver High quality dental care. This centrally air-conditioned mobile dental clinic boasts of a treatment cabin, which has one fully automated dental unit which is equipped with all the dental facilities and equipments.

The treatment cabin opens into the staff cabin, which presents two plush, cushioned push back seats. This cabin opens into the sterilization cabin which features autoclaves, glass bead sterilizers, and needle burners among its other equipmentts.

In addition, this unit also houses a 1.25 hp compressor, 6.5 mkv power generator, a 400-litre water tank and a public address system. The latter aids in dental health education and boasts of audiovisual aids consisting of a 29" television (facing outside), a CD/DVD player and handy demonstration models.

In all the most striking feature of this sophisticated mobile dental unit is its brilliant design, which permits freedom of movement and economy of space. Any Corporates, School authorities, Companies, Community Organizations, NGO's, Apartment Associations who are intersted in utilizing our services for conducting dental camps, Please contact: