Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Smile Hub Dental & Maxillofacial Center


Being the leading name in the medical fraternity, Smile Hub offers competent treatment for oral and maxillofacial ailment. This treatment is rendered by the expert panel of paramedical team who hold immense expertise in their domain. To treat this ailment the Department of Oral &Maxillo-facial Surgery works in close cooperation with the departments of general & Plastic Surgery to perform reconstructive and Exploratory Surgeries for the proper treatment

Smile Hub Dental & Maxillofacial Center

  •    Internal fixation of maxilla & mandible
  •    Meniscectomy of temporo-mandibular joint
  •    Alveolar bone grafting
  •    Osteotomy of alveolar segment of jaw
  •    Open reduction and internal fixation of maxilla and mandible
  •    Prosthetic replacement of temporo-mandibular joints
  •    Reconstruction of jaws
  •    Hemimandibulectomyetc

For the enhanced treatment we have established a sound infrastructure which includes Semi Electric Dental Chair with all modern facilities like Radio Graphic Visualized Imaging and internationally rated Implant systems. In addition to that we also offer post surgeries counseling so that the patient should not develop any complications. We made these surgeries accessible at highly feasible prices