Invisible braces, incognito

Best dental treatment in vibhuti khand lko

Invisible Braces, Incognito

The Incognito braces treatment is an advanced teeth alignment procedure that is a revolutionary breakthrough in the dental sphere. Also known as the lingual braces, they are customarily made and placed at the back of the teeth, unlike the traditional braces.

The modern braces are invisible “hidden” and they utilize high-tech to develop a customized treatment plan for a patient and each individual bracket is custom-made to match the contours of your teeth.

The excellent technology used results in perfect Incognito braces treatment that maintains your confidence while smiling, laughing and talking while undergoing the treatment.


Incognito braces are for men and women who desire to maintain their professional facial appearance while straightening their teeth. Therefore, Incognito hidden braces in India will offer a million benefits over traditional braces and Invisalign. Incognito braces are customized braces manufactured with specialized considerations during wiring to produce a perfect smile

Incognito braces are placed behind the teeth, meaning that they are fit for adults.

They will maintain your confidence with the fact that they are completely invisible and they are good for special occasions such as weddings and prom night parties.

You are never bothered with Incognito braces since they are always on. There is no need of removing them off before eating or brushing or even changing them.

Best dental treatment in vibhuti khand lko


Invisalign Orthodontic treatments are a modern dental treatment approach to achieve healthier gums, teeth, and above all straight teeth. Orthodontics is a sphere of dentistry that addresses misaligned teeth by correcting the alignment, bite and eliminating spaces between the teeth (malocclusion).

Orthodontic braces or clear aligners (Invisalign) serve as ideal treatment options during orthodontic treatment.


Clear-aligners are orthodontic transparent devices that serve as an alternative to dental braces. They are an option when it comes to fixing front teeth that lie so much in front or backward. They provide optimum comfort and they can be removed in case necessary.

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is totally a teeth-straightening procedure for those with misaligned teeth. The Invisalign is designed as per the patient’s teeth and can help fix various dental issues. Before the Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment the orthodontist will have to take X-rays, images, and impressions of your teeth that are used during the treatment plan. During the next appointment, the dentist will provide various customized aligners that you will wear for about two weeks and then change as recommended.

Gradually, your teeth will shift into a perfect position that is totally appealing.

Best dental treatment in vibhuti khand lko


The custom-made clear aligners are totally invisible made after a thorough dental examination. They fit snugly over the teeth and they use a moderate amount of force to correct misalignment. Within every period of two weeks, they shift the teeth horizontally and vertically and can also rotate them as required. You will eventually see straightened teeth.