Crooked and crowding of teeth

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Crooked And Crowding Of Teeth

  •    Crowded teeth can be caused by several factors, including jaw displacement, irregular tooth size, past dental trauma and a cleft lip or palate.
  •    Crowded teeth can create several dental issues, including premature wear, gum disease, and jaw and joint pain and damage.
  •    Crowded teeth can be easily fixed, especially through early intervention.
  •    Addressing crowded teeth will give you the best chance of enjoying life-long dental health.

Crowded teeth and irregular teeth are caused by a disharmony between the size of your teeth and the size of your jaw; your jaw might be too small for your teeth, or your teeth too large.

Other causes of crowded teeth include a cleft lip or palate, having extra teeth or problems as a result of a jaw fracture. There are also a number of factors that can contribute to crowded teeth:

  •    Tongue thrusting
  •    Reverse swallowing
  •    Thumb sucking
  •    Mouth breathing
  •    Allergies and asthmas

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The problems caused by crowded teeth extend much further than just aesthetics. If your teeth are aligned properly, then they will last a lifetime. If not, you’ll find that you suffer from premature wear, teeth lost from unusual stresses, gum disease and jaw joint damage.

Crowded teeth are a common problem in both children and adults: 3 out of 4 children have incorrectly developing jaws. Treating this at a young age may result in less intervention later on in life.