Basic Extraction

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Basic Extraction

Tooth extraction is the ideal treatment for removing badly damaged or impacted teeth. It is a completely safe and fast procedure often used for wisdom teeth, but can also be the best solution for other types of teeth if repair is not possible.

There can be many reasons why you might need a tooth extraction. It is not just for damaged teeth. Other reasons include:

  •    Wisdom teeth removal. This is the most common reason, and your dentist will check your wisdom teeth during regular checkups to see if it’s necessary.
  •    Infection from gum disease
  •    Crowded teeth
  •    Tooth decay
  •    Prevent later infections
  •    Broken teeth that can’t be repaired

Symptoms which may indicate that you need a tooth extracted include:

  •    Highly sensitive teeth
  •    Pain from chewing or drinking
  •    Swelling in gums
  •    Discharge from the mouth
  •    Fever or chills from infection
  •    Nausea or vomiting